About us

How nice you are here! Take a seat, we have a lot to tell you! 

Where did the idea come from?

Hello, I am Teresa, owner of the dream Twenty Twenty, a space dedicated to decoration, located in Tarifa, the city of the wind.

Decorating is my passion. I combine rustic and natural woods with succulents, cacti and aerial plants (tillandsias). I design terrariums and greenhouses and I enjoy dressing the interior of homes with green spaces.

My dream has always been to create unique and different spaces where decoration and green corners are combined. Creations with stories for people who have something to tell, who are not satisfied with simply filling in the spaces with things, but who want to give them life.

Meet the team!

Teresa Cantera

Passionate about natural and artisan decoration. He spends much of his time working with the plants and hands on the ground, letting his enthusiasm and imagination flow. Twenty Twenty is your idea, your project, your everyday motivation.


Our German shepherdess, responsible for infallible quality. Scrutinize every product in the warehouse. Agile as anyone, he sniffs, thinks and executes with solvency. Without a doubt, a diamond in the rough in Twenty Twenty.


It is the online mind of Twenty Twenty. She publishes what you see on the web and organizes everything so that your orders are always received on time and with that personal and close tone of good people.


The youngest of the Twenty Twenty team and with the imagination always awake to take a super photo of the latest dress that has just arrived. She is the one who talks to you on WhatsApp and by email and, even if you don't see it, you will notice her smile in her way of communicating.

The bases of our project


We bet on crafts. We love products that are unique, those that are made by hand one by one with so much love, because he focuses so much on them that they are unrepeatable.


We care about the world in which we live and we believe that it is important to take care of it with every little gesture that is in our hands. For this reason, we select materials that are respectful with the environment and efficiently manage waste.

Close Treatment

Don’t let e-commerce end human relationships! We are people of flesh and blood working on the other side of the screen, wanting to solve your doubts and chat with you for a little while. We wait for you on the other side of the phone: +34 664 654 688

Choose and manufacture unique products

We select elements that respond to feelings, smells, textures, materials, colors and shapes. Twenty Twenty is a place to understand a form of expression, of how to do things with love from Tarifa, a unique paradise that inspires us in the choice of all our special and artisan products.

You say when and we make it special

If you have a project, an idea or a special moment that you want to bring to life, get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you so that they are unique and unrepeatable.
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